Restaurant Improvement Districts are the latest evolution of the business improvement district concept. In a restaurant improvement district, restaurant owners join forces to fund collective marketing efforts, events, and branding campaigns. Restaurant improvement districts can also work closely with other improvement districts to coordinate efforts, especially on events like restaurant weeks.

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Restaurant Improvement Districts

Restaurant improvement districts are riding the foodie wave to bring more patrons to events, off nights, and restaurant week, and generally increase sales. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cafes, and similar eateries within a defined commercial area pay a fee, usually a percentage of revenue, into the district.

The fee is usually passed on to the customer, and funds raised are typically collected by the local government. The money is then directed to a nonprofit organization, which uses it on programs designed to benefit the restaurants.

The services funded by a restaurant improvement district typically include marketing, special events, and promotions. They can also include signage pointing to the area, parking improvements, cleanliness services including sidewalk cleaning, and even security.

The term of a restaurant improvement district varies. It can be an annual levy, a 5-10 year term, or even longer in some places.