California Public Records Act Updated by Court

The use of personal email accounts and devices by public officials is a hot topic throughout the United States. California has become the epicenter of the debate, with a new California Supreme Court ruling regarding the use of personal emails and text messages. All California property and business improvement districts, and any business or tourism […]

California Prevailing Wage and Assessment Districts

By Melanee Cottrill, Civitas Here at Civitas, we are lucky to frequently hear from our clients in between projects.  One of our favorite new frequently asked questions is “Do I have to follow prevailing wage?” As of January 2015, the short and simple answer is … maybe.  For a property and business improvement district providing […]

California Public Records Act – General Rules and Exceptions

By Nathan Hyde, Civitas Have you received a Public Records Act request and had no clue on how to respond? This article briefly explains the law and how it applies to PBID, TBID and BID Owners’ Associations. Summary – The California Public Records Act (PRA) is specifically applicable to government entities—counties, cities, commissions and other […]

Court Issues Initial Decision in San Diego TMD Case

San Diego, California – January 29, 2016 The San Diego County Superior Court has issued a Statement of Decision in the case San Diegans for Open Government (SDOG) v. City of San Diego (City). While this decision does not end the case, it did address key legal issues regarding Plaintiff SDOG’s standing to sue. Unfortunately, […]

How to Avoid Brown Act Traps

By Melanee Cottrill, Civitas In California, nearly every business improvement district and tourism district must follow the requirements of the Ralph M. Brown Act. The Brown Act regulates the decision-making process by public agencies, in an effort to ensure all decisions are open and transparent to the public. Although districts are not public agencies, they […]

The Hidden Importance of your Management Plan 

By Melanee Cottrill, Civitas Every district – whether it be property, business, or tourism – formed under California’s 1994 Law has a Management District Plan.  That Plan is the guiding document… the constitution… some even say the bible… for your district. But what’s really in that thing? After all, it is rather long. And a […]

District Spring Cleaning

Spring is in full swing! We know you had a great start to the year and are looking forward to continuing the momentum. Whether you operate on a fiscal or calendar year, here are three things you can do now to ensure 2015 continues to be great year! 1. Make sure you are complying with […]

Statement of Information Filing

California corporations, including those managing BID funds, are required to file a bi-annual Statement of Information with the Secretary of State. Although this paperwork is routine and seems innocuous, failure to file can have serious consequences. What to File The Statement of Information is a short, one-page form.vIts purpose is to provide contact information for […]