Non-Profit Technical Assistance

Non-Profit Technical Assistance

Because many of our clients are nonprofit corporations, Civitas also offers nonprofit legal and consulting services. We can help form a new nonprofit, restructure your existing nonprofit, or even do an audit of your existing nonprofit to ensure compliance with updated laws. Our team has also been asked to do training sessions with nonprofit Boards on diverse topics, including directors’ roles and responsibilities, compliance with the Brown Act and Public Records Act, and compliance with special district requirements.
Many new improvement districts are also in need of a new nonprofit. We can do that! Services we provide include:

Document Preparation: Civitas can prepare draft Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation required to form a new corporation. In California, our legal team will ensure that the documents are compliant with all applicable state laws. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the documents reflect their needs, priorities, and desired operational structure.

Document Filing: Civitas files all necessary documents to form the corporation with the California Secretary of State – you don’t have to worry about the paperwork! This includes Articles of Incorporation and the initial Statement of Information.

Tax-Exempt Status: Civitas prepares and submits all necessary forms to secure non-profit, tax-exempt status for the corporation. This includes filings with the Internal Revenue Service and California Franchise Tax Board.

Start-Up Activities: Every new nonprofit needs a little help getting off the ground. Civitas can help organize initial board meetings, recruit directors, and deal with nitty-gritty like opening a post office box and bank account.
Audits to Policies and Procedures
We can offer our clients comprehensive audits of their policies, procedures, and corporate documents with our expertise in nonprofits. This can include updates to Bylaws, compliance adjustments to standard practices, and policy creation and updating.
Our in-house training specialist will teach your board everything they need to know about nonprofit laws, district compliance, the Brown Act and California Public Records Act – and anything else you’d like to know.

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