Celebrating the Formation of the Lafayette Tourism Improvement District

We are thrilled to congratulate the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission and its leadership, President and CEO Ben Berthelot, as they celebrate the huge milestone of securing sustainable funding for their destination. On September 20, 2023, the city of Lafayette approved the formation of the game-changing Lafayette Tourism Improvement District (LTID).

With a 2% self-imposed assessment paid by hotels and motels within Lafayette Parish, the destination will generate a staggering $1,758,356 annually in additional funds. This revolutionary funding source will be monumental to Lafayette’s commitment to enhancing its tourism potential, benefiting both local businesses and visitors.

With the vital infusion of funds, the destination can strategically channel more resources toward Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Destination Development, and Capital Improvement & Debt Service. This will allow the destination to increase the appeal of Lafayette to prospective visitors, maximize the potential to attract major conferences, events, and conventions, elevate the overall visitor experience, as well as laying the groundwork for sustainable growth through infrastructural developments.

The funds will support the planning of a brand-new, state-of-the-art indoor sports facility. This venue will allow the destination to host major sporting events, which will drive additional local and national tourism. This facility will be a much-needed asset not only to bringing in additional visitors through tournaments but will also support the local community.

“This is a historic announcement for Lafayette Parish and the region and will be a game changer for the tourism economy. We are pleased to be the first community to use the TBID legislation since it was passed statewide in 2021,” said Ben Berthelot. “We also appreciate the work that Civitas did to help get that legislation passed, as well as the guidance provided to us in going through the process of getting the TBID passed locally. With the support seen from the hotel-motel community from day one, and the ability to drive an additional 30,000 plus hotel and motel plus room nights per year, I think it’s evident this is a pivotal moment.”

We were honored to support Ben and the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission team in this significant win for local tourism. With the LTID in place, we know there will be many innovations, enhancements, and growth, revolutionizing Lafayette and continuing its commitment to enhancing the destination’s tourism potential!

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