Guest Post: How tourism, meetings, & events professionals can (learn to) “be the change”

Enrich regenerative impact with immersive, collaborative education

By: GDS-Movement

Whether you launch into 2022 with a sense of renewal or relapse, transformational times invite a fresh approach that profits the whole.

The last few (hundred) years have brought shifts like sheer cliffs.  Some of us feel we’ve had to flip 180; others are still spinning.

Travel has transformed. Events have been overhauled. The stories we tell ourselves and others have changed. The old-world, top-down, linear development model cannot sustain tourism and meetings going forward.

Are we, as professionals, adapting? Are we creating? Are we innovating?

If visitor economies, host communities, and nature are to regenerate and thrive, it will be a result of the positive change supported by all players. We each have a role. Even if we haven’t discovered or defined it yet.

In a climate-changing world recovering from tremendous shocks and adapting to even more to come, how can the travel professional ensure a positive impact? By co-creating new solutions towards regeneration through immersive learning.

That’s why Global Destination Sustainability Movement created GDS-Academy. It’s a co-learning platform that catalyzes mindsets and skillsets towards more regenerative tourism and events. For passionate professionals, it offers a pathway from denial and/or desperation to desire – the will to be part of the solution – and action – the ways to get to the solution.

As “the solution” is always in evolution, this bespoke and interactive knowledge platform offers DMO and CVB professionals a curriculum bursting with enlightened principals, practical approaches, and accelerated community learning. It employs blended discovery, design-led thinking, and regenerative frameworks to inspire collaboration and interdependence amongst business leaders. If you’re resilient, responsive, and courageous, or want to be, its upcoming open-enrolment, online classes can enrich your work and your world.

Upcoming GDS-Academy courses for individuals

Regenerative Event Management Masterclass

17 February – 17 March

Do you want to change how events are designed, implemented, and measured?

In this inspirational and fun Masterclass, you will be provoked and guided towards an approach to event design that acts within planetary boundaries, rebuilds society, and regenerates nature.


  1. Develop regenerative thinking.
  2. Learn Hannuwa, a practical methodology to design and implement events that catalyze social, environmental, and economic regeneration.
  3. Learn to develop and implement impact strategies for events, and to measure and report on your event footprints and handprints.

Find out more / Enroll now

Storytelling and Communications Strategies for Regeneration Masterclass

24 March – 21 April

Does your messaging catalyze a destination’s environmental, economic, and social regeneration?

This dynamic exploration of communications will help you to lead the development and implementation of more engaging and purposeful story-and-communication action plans.


  1. Discover how to enhance brand story and improve communications strategy.
  2. Increase knowledge of sustainability brand marketing, best practices, and behavior change.
  3. Develop innovative approaches and templates to persuade, influence, and inspire.

Find out more / Enroll now

GDS-ICCA-ECM Certificate in Regenerative Destination Management

21 April – 21 July

Does your destination offer jobs, attract investment, and deliver unforgettable visitor experiences? Sustainably?

This immersive journey with destination leaders, experts, and each other will empower you to reframe ways to create, market, and steward destinations designed to contribute to a more regenerative future. For all.


  1. Expand your knowledge of sustainable and regenerative destination management approaches, methodologies, best practices …and failures to avoid.
  2. Learn regenerative systems design, and how to use nature-based principles, biomimicry, and systems thinking to develop and manage destinations that thrive and flourish.
  3. Apply what you learn to your destination’s tourism and events strategy and catalyze long-term social, environmental, and economic impact.

Find out more / Enroll now

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