About - Civitas Advisors




It’s not just a name, it defines us.

We envision a world in which every community is vibrant, healthy and prosperous. We believe in the transformational impact of travel.

Partnerships. Progress. Prosperity.

It’s not just a tagline, it’s what we do.

We empower businesses, properties and destinations with the resources to strengthen economic and community development worldwide.


Here at Civitas, partnerships are the heart of everything we do. Our company was founded on a fundamental belief that diverse partnerships are efficient, effective, and empowering. Truly, two heads are better than one… and three are even better.

Our belief in partnerships is the invisible hand that guides what we do and how we do it. When we hire new staff, they become part of a civitas. When we serve our clients, we do so through teamwork with our client, stakeholders, and the local government. When we create a new improvement district, we are forming a new partnership — whether they are downtown, suburban, tourism, restaurant, or even focused on another industry — we are creating a lasting relationship that empowers property and business owners to work together towards common goals.


Creating an efficient, effective partnership is the first, most empowering step on the path to prosperity. The partnerships we build enable our clients and team members to progress down the path toward their goals.

Civitas’ path to prosperity began in 1993, with a vision of a better Downtown Sacramento. That vision became California’s first property-based business improvement district in 1995. Over the next few years, that vision spread to downtowns throughout California, and a company called Downtown Resources was born.

As time passed, the vision of a better downtown expanded. Commercial corridors, neighborhood shopping districts, industrial areas and tourist destinations all adopted the model. The name Downtown Resources was eventually outgrown, and thus Civitas emerged.

From a two-person shop focused on a few downtowns in California, our firm has progressed to a 10-member civitas with over 150 clients of all types across 18 states and four countries. The same spirit of progress that has grown Civitas is put to work for our clients every day in myriad ways. When we have a good idea, or learn something new (like how to hire truly great people), we can’t wait to share it with our clients.


Ask anyone at Civitas what the best part of the work we do is, and they will tell you it is seeing our clients succeed. To us, there is nothing more satisfying than encountering an advertisement funded by one of our tourism districts or discovering freshly planted medians in one of our property districts. We know that behind that ad or median is a thriving partnership, working every day to benefit owners, create jobs, improve quality of life, make our favorite places cleaner and safer, and make our world a better place.

Through the power of partnerships, our team has helped more than 150 clients progress towards prosperity. The path is always evolving, always growing – and our team will be here to help our clients along it. We hope to help you on your journey soon.


At Civitas, we work as a connected team to inspire, encourage and support one another in an environment where we’re able to show up as ourselves and do our best work everyday.