Montgomery and Florence, Alabama Pass Tourism Improvement District Legislation!

Montgomery, Alabama
Congratulations to Anna Buckalew, Ron Simmons, and Sheron Rose with the Montgomery Chamber and their team of lobbyists and consultants, including Ben Wieseman, Principal of Place Associates, Quintin Hawkins, Principal of QH Consulting LLC, Collier Neeley , Executive Director of Landmark Foundations, and Josh Blades, Senior Advisor for Bradley Law Firm on their hard-earned TID legislative win! On May 24, SB166, the Amended Self Help Business Improvement District Law to allow for Class 3 Municipalities in Alabama to form TIDs, was signed into law.

This significant legislation, sponsored by the esteemed Senator Givhan, introduces the Amended Self Help Business Improvement District Law, allowing Class 3 Municipalities in Alabama to establish Tourism Improvement Districts (TIDs). This monumental achievement opens up new avenues for economic growth, community development, and enhanced visitor experiences in these municipalities.

Together, their collective expertise, strategic acumen, and tireless efforts have brought about a legislative triumph that will positively impact the economic growth and well-being of Class 3 Municipalities in Alabama for years to come. Their collaborative spirit, unwavering determination, and commitment to progress have set a shining example for future advocacy efforts. This important legislative effort will revolutionize funding for The City of Montgomery. Congratulations to them on this step toward sustainable funding for their destination!

The passage of SB166 marks a significant milestone for Montgomery. We congratulate them on this extraordinary achievement and eagerly anticipate the prosperous future that lies ahead for their destination.

Florence, Alabama
In an exciting development for the city of Florence, Alabama, Rob Carnegie, the President & CEO of Florence Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Larry Bowser, the General Manager of Marriott Shoals, have collaborated to successfully pass legislation enabling the establishment of Tourism Improvement Districts (TIDs).

On May 30, HB461, legislation that allows the establishment of Tourism Improvement Districts (TIDs) sponsored by Representatives Lynn Greer and Phillip Pettus, was signed by Governor Kay Ivey, opening new doors for growth and development in the local tourism industry.

Under this legislation, the city of Florence will have the opportunity to invest in targeted initiatives, such as improvements, marketing campaigns, and community events, all aimed at further enhancing the tourism experience. This strategic approach will not only attract more visitors to Florence but also create a sustainable tourism industry that benefits residents, local businesses, and the overall economy.

Congratulations again to Rob, the team at Florence Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, Larry, and Representatives Lynn Greer and Phillip Pettus on this important win that will support Florence’s tourism industry for years to come! Their contributions will leave a lasting impact on the city, ensuring that Florence continues to enchant visitors with its unique charm, warm hospitality, and unforgettable experiences.

Civitas worked closely with these destinations to draft and pass the above laws. If you have questions about the new legislation, please contact Tiffany Gallagher at

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