Siskiyou: A Renewed District that is Beyond the Ordinary

Countywide improvement districts have special and distinct features. They often cover broader areas, along with more diverse and higher numbers of constituents within their boundaries. This can call for enhanced understanding in order to achieve a consensus, but when common interests are supported by variety and strength in numbers, the benefits can be exceptional.

The plan for this TID stemmed from incredible work carried out in 2011 by the Siskiyou Economic Development Council and lodging property owners.  They had a vision to create a unified message that would promote Siskiyou County as a unique travel destination. This plan became a reality in 2015 when their efforts created the very first TID for Siskiyou County encompassing the unincorporated County and nine cities. 

Funded by a 2% assessment fee, Discover Siskiyou has been championing the attractions of the destination with vibrant, tailored programs and initiatives.  Just one example is its Quest 4 campaign, which builds upon the range of the area as a strength: “With four unique regions to explore, no two stories are the same.” Efforts for renewal of the Siskiyou County TID started in 2018, led by Discover Siskiyou and lodging property owner support.

According to the July 18, 2019 Siskiyou Daily News, for business owners with concerns, Discover Siskiyou Program Director Niki Brown explained, “There are wonderful opportunities to leverage marketing dollars for the benefit of individual business owners.”  In fact, benefits were already apparent.  Mark Lilley’s Dunsmuir Railroad Park Resort and Campground were full for the July 4th week and “he had to turn people away, something he did not recall doing in previous years.”  He had also been able to “cut back on his own marketing spending thanks to articles written and circulated by Discover Siskiyou.”

So, would the consensus for the TID hold?  The answer was yes!  With a majority of votes, the Siskiyou County TID was renewed for a 10 year term, extending to 2030.  As Lilley concluded: “For the value received, the 2% TID assessment fee is a great investment… It’s paying off for the county and us as a whole.”

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