2023 National Travel & Tourism Week – 40 Year Anniversary

Did you miss our content for the the 40th Anniversary of U.S. Travel’s National Travel & Tourism Week? Not to worry! Check out this blog for some great content about the past, present, and future of travel. Day One: Monday In celebration of 40 years of NTTW, we looked at what travel trends might look […]

Funding Destinations for 40 Years (and Beyond)!

Historically, destinations have long grappled with the challenge of securing sustainable funding to support the tourism industry. The struggle continues today for destinations that are trying to obtain adequate funding. To address this challenge, various funding mechanisms have been developed over the years to help fund marketing efforts. By diversifying its funding sources, maximizing available […]

Funding Advocacy Roadmap!

At Civitas, we are frequently asked by clients to assist with their advocacy efforts. To help organizations think strategically about their advocacy, we developed the Funding Advocacy Roadmap. Although one size does not fit all, these basic concepts will lead you in the right direction. This advocacy primer includes Three Principles and Four Action Items that will guide your efforts to a successful result.

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