San Francisco Peninsula TMD Conversion Ushers in a New Era of Growth and Innovation

Civitas is proud to congratulate John Hutar and the remarkable team at San Francisco Peninsula on the conversion of the previous San Mateo Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) into the San Francisco Peninsula Tourism Marketing District (TMD). This strategic shift, transitioning from the ’89 law to a ’94 district, marks a significant milestone in the […]

Celebrating the Formation of the Lafayette Tourism Improvement District

We are thrilled to congratulate the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission and its leadership, President and CEO Ben Berthelot, as they celebrate the huge milestone of securing sustainable funding for their destination. On September 20, 2023, the city of Lafayette approved the formation of the game-changing Lafayette Tourism Improvement District (LTID). With a 2% self-imposed […]

Formation of Landmark Portland Tourism Development District

A huge congratulations to Portland, Maine, on the formation of the Portland Tourism Development District (PTDD) under the visionary leadership of Lynn Tillotson, President and CEO of Visit Portland. The PTDD’s unique assessment method, based on the business activity related to each parcel within the district, creates a fair and rational funding model. This model […]

Salt Lake County Forms the First Convention and Tourism Assessment Area in Utah

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Visit Salt Lake, led by President & CEO Kaitlin Eskelson and her talented staff, on June 13, 2023, the first-ever Convention and Tourism Assessment Area in Utah was established in Salt Lake County. Participating hotels will levy a 2% assessment on gross short-term guest room rental revenue, with collection […]

Richmond Region Celebrates Passage of Tourism Improvement District Formations!

Congratulations to Richmond Region Tourism and its leadership Katherine O’Donnell, Executive Vice President, and Jack Berry, President, and CEO, for securing a major funding win for Virginia! After almost 12 months of hard work, determination and strategic planning, Richmond Region Tourism, in partnership with hotels within the region, has secured a path to sustainable funding […]

Minnesota Boosts Tourism with New Tourism Improvement District Legislation!

Minnesota’s tourism landscape is on the cusp of a major transformation with the recent passage of the SF 1811 Omnibus Tax Law. This landmark legislation paves the way for the establishment of Tourism Improvement Districts (TIDs) throughout the state, promising to revitalize the tourism industry. The passage of this revolutionary act is credited to the […]

Bellevue-Redmond Tourism Promotion Area Forms!

Congratulations to Visit Bellevue and the City of Redmond on securing a major funding win for their cities! The Bellevue-Redmond Tourism Promotion Area (BRTPA) ordinance was officially adopted on Monday, February 13th. This agreement between the two cities would set up the BRTPA for a total of five years. All lodging businesses in the BRTPA […]

Illinois Enacts New Tourism Improvement District Legislation

On Friday, February 10th, Governor J. B. Pritzker signed Illinois HB0268 Tourism Preservation and Sustainability District Act into law. This law allows for the creation of tourism marketing and recovery district throughout the state. Senator, Sara Feigenholtz states, “This bill creates a lifeline for destination development activities-ensuring that tourism and hospitality operations in every corner of […]

BREAKING NEWS: Over 200 TIDs Now in Formation

We are ecstatic to announce the creation of the 200th and 201st Tourism Improvement District (TID)! A TID is a strategic approach to funding destination marketing that harnesses the power of local businesses to invest in their community. We are delighted that destinations around the world, including the newest two below, are using this mechanism […]

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